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Professor OBIKANE, a senior volunteer of JICA, ends the 2018-2020 term at Hue Industrial College.

Professor Obikane, majoring in aerospace engineering, senior volunteer of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), has chosen HUEIC as the destination for the past 2 years to carry out the aircraft manufacturing project. Driverless. Professor Obikane ended his JICA volunteer term in March 2020. He shared his desire to return to Vietnam to work, and hoped that the production of unmanned aerial vehicles would become the subject of the school``s engineering discipline. Since March 2018, Mr. OBIKANE has been to the school to guide students and researchers of the school. He has just supported the school in teaching mechanics and with students, lecturers on manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor the environment. From bamboo sticks, sponges, and self-made components or order them online, at Hue Industrial College, a Vietnamese drone was born. This high school student``s dream of flying high has been lifted thanks to the dedication of nearly 2 years of volunteer professor from Japan. More than 1 year with thousands of experiments, now the unmanned aircraft that can take off and land on Vietnam``s surface is about to launch. In 5 minutes, the plane can fly 3-5km, to unreachable terrain. Professor OBIKANE``s academic contributions to mechatronics engineering are recognized by Hue University College of Industry staff. In addition to the knowledge imparted through lectures and practices, the professor also teaches students methods to achieve research and testing purposes. More respectfully, through the process of ``hands-on`` for each student and researcher, Professor OBIKANE has built a model of the attitude of a scientist: diligent, thoughtful, devoted, patient, don``t give up.

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