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Opening the international key college class transferred from Germany

On November 1, 2019, Hue Industrial College organized the opening of the class of Industrial electricity, an international key field transferred from Germany.

High quality Industrial Electrical class enrolls 16 students, with a 3.5-year training period and over 6,500 hours of study.

The Industrial Electricity College training program provides learners with basic foundations for comprehensive development of personality and career, meeting the country's socio-economic development requirements; Having good moral character and good health; Having knowledge and skills of operating, maintaining, installing and repairing industrial electric equipment; take part in organization and technical management of each stage related to the industrial electricity industry; Ability to adapt to the rapid changes of technology, the ability to self-study in the workplace and long-term learning; Confidence, dynamic thinking, effective communication skills, ability to independently operate, the ability to integrate, collaborate and work in groups, the ability to adapt in the international integration environment.

Students receive training on key topics including: Electrical systems, Installation of system components and computer networks, Testing of protection measures, Analysis of technical errors and maintenance of equipment and systems Installing, installing and commissioning measuring, controlling and adjusting equipment; Create configuration and programming of automation systems ...

For practical training, students will study in businesses or workshops of Hue Industrial College with equipment, machinery, facilities of international standards.

Teaching staff are lecturers of Electrical and Electronics Faculty - Hue Industrial College trained from Germany and experts from Germany.

Students are also trained in German, the goal of B1 level output according to the European language proficiency framework.

During the course of study, students take the graduation exam or the vocational exam to test professional skills, necessary professional knowledge and integrated skills. Periodically, German experts will examine and guide learning for students.

After the training period, students are granted a college diploma by the Hue Industrial College, Ministry of Industry and Trade, and a diploma from the Leipzig Institute of Small Industries and Vocational Skills (Germany), eligible and capable of participating in the international labor market.

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