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Hue Industrial College participated in a Trade Union cooking contest
On October 26, 2019, at the College of Tourism and Trade (Hai Duong), the Trade Union Head of Hue Industrial College participated in the Industry Cooking Contest with the theme Improving the quality of shift meals for workers, nutrition balance, food hygiene and safety - for the long-term health of workers, for the sustainable development of the unit organized by Trade Union and Trade Union.
With the goal of improving shift meals for workers, balancing nutrition and food safety and hygiene, the criteria of the contest are made very clear. In which, the goal of nutrition balance and food safety is considered as the key criteria for the judges to evaluate the results of the teams.

In terms of content, each team will be given an amount of food equivalent to 500,000 VND by the team to estimate and organizers will provide at the request of the team. The team must prepare all objects, tools, spices to complete a tray of rice for 8 people to eat fully nutritious and safe.

Coming to this contest, Hue Industrial College is the first team to participate, so there are many surprises, but with determination, the team has shown its own unique characteristics in each dish in the tray. The rice was appreciated by the judges for nutrition as well as creativity in presentation. In the end, the union of the School Union won the most impressive team award and the final consolation prize.

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