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Free short-term vocational training for workers affected by the Covid-19 epidemic

Free short-term vocational training for workers affected by the Covid-19 epidemic

In order to support those who lose their jobs, reduce working hours due to the effects of the polite flood in working age need retraining to change jobs, and unemployed people of working age need Vocational training to find jobs, Hue Industrial College cooperates with the “Program reform in Technical and Vocational Education and Training" in developing appropriate short-term training courses by:

·         Analyzing the needs for short-term training in the industrial occupations supported by the “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam” in close consultation with DVET as well as Thua Thien Hue DOLISA, Quang tri DOLISA and local business sector.

·         Developing the relevant short-term training programmes in accordance with local business sectors’ demand.

·         Conducting short-term training courses for people who are currently unemployed or unable to find job.

·         Developing lesson learnt reports for future use especially in response to the needs of the labor market and open flexible learning by means of a modular approach.

Target learners

·         Underemployed workers aged 15 and over who are at high risks of losing their jobs due to Covid 19 who need to be retrained to find new jobs.

·         Unemployed persons aged 15 and over who need to learn vocational training to find work.

·         Employees whose working hours are reduced, aged 15 and over, are at high risk of losing their jobs because of COVID-19.

·         Workers in the agricultural sector need the skills to plan and produce adaptive to environmental changes and disease impacts.

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